Hello I’m JP the MoneyBear, totally inspired by King Saladeen’s best friend, John “JP” Thompson who passed away from brain cancer in 2013.
“He was my #1 motivator to take my passion for art serious, and continuously told me I was a King even when I thought I was not! This is not a toy, it’s a piece of my life, apart of why I create and motivate others to be great. While showing me the highlights of life and that we could do anything we dreamed of with a team, hard work and faith! JP lives on thought my Art forever!”
– King Saladeen
JP the MoneyBear was displayed for the first time ever ComplexCon 2018 On JP’s actual birthday November 3.


This is for motivational and inspirational purposes only.  Let’s create our way out of the dark with color, style, and individuality.  Love what you do.