Master Piece Maker King Saladeen
December 10, 2017
How I Own It: King Saladeen
December 12, 2017

Kelly art by King Saladeen

As most of you saw my Kelly on Instagram by King Saladeen…

Let me tell you a bit about  great artist, Raheem Saladeen Johnson is a self taught artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. His passion for art began prior to attending Kindergarden… as he says : “My inspiration comes from a place so deep within that the only way to express it is though art”   after that phrase …I had a deep desire to have a peace of art by him which can represent the LOVE between me and my children . My idea was be able to carry that peace of art with me. New York is a wonderful city that we can always meet everyone and easy to communicate.

The Mark Hotel  is my favorite spot in New York where I saw a beautiful lady with a Birkin Hermes bag on my way out… Girls will be always girls… could not hold myself to take a look on it closer… wow …. could not say more)

I could not resist and ask her the details of King Saladeen and here we go… Enjoy his work art now ).  He has his artwork in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. King Saladeen’s first solo art show was held in Holywood and followed up by showcasing and live murals at Art Basel 2013. The momentum of 2013 has led to Raheem working with art galleries, interior designers, high end auto collectors and fashion companies.

So stay fashion stay close to art).

Oh yes and forgot to mention about delivery service was just perfect had a such a pleasure working with him.

Would like to say special THANK YOU to the lovely and beautiful lady for connecting me with King Saladeen and to him for giving me such a joy of wearing this art peace which is very special as its 1st of the family edition representing the LOVE to my Children ).

Take a look:

Photos by Egor Tsodov

I am wearing

Jeans Stella McCartney 

Ultra Light Jacket Uniqlo

Fur Jacket Fendi

Shoes Chanel